26 June 2012

Safe Use of Top Slew Tower Cranes

Top slew tower cranes (TSTCs) have for many years been one of the primary means of lifting and placing materials on construction projects and often have a disproportionate effect on the smooth delivery of the construction programme. It is consequently of vital importance that they are installed and used correctly to ensure that both the safety of people and the efficiency of the construction process is maintained.

The purpose of this Best Practice Guide is to provide tower crane users with guidance on the safe, erection, use, maintenance, thorough examination and dismantling of TSTCs, together with the management and planning of these activities. The erection, alteration and dismantling of TSTCs is normally carried out by the TSTC owner or supplier, consequently the guide concentrates on the use of a TSTC for lifting operations once it has been erected on site and only deals with those aspects of erection, alteration and dismantling which interface with, or are the responsibility of, the user.

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