26 May 2012

Near Miss

What is near miss?
near miss is a incident which occur but didn't result in any kind of damage, harm or loss to personnel property or environment but was having the potential to do so, also known as close call. Normally, It occurs when your non conformity reporting or safety observation reporting system is fail. It is a zero cost tool in proactive monitoring
Why reporting of near miss is so important?
In proactive monitoring it is the  best method to prevent accident(s) 100 near miss reported means at least 10 accident prevented, statistics have proved that
What is the reporting procedure?
Personnel who have witnessed or experienced the circumstances which meets the above definition can report near miss to theHSE dept or to their supervisor, HSE dept  shall review the recommendation and notify it to the concerned department with additional recommendation if any, it shall be closely follow up to ensure that the recommendations have been implemented. 

Many companies are giving incentives on reporting near misses 


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